Hay Products


We offer 2-tie bales (90-100 lbs.), 3-tie bales (100-120 lbs.) and “big bales” (1200 lbs.) Email us for availability and current pricing.

  • Timothy
  • Orchard Grass
  • Alfalfa
  • Mixed Orchard Grass/Alfalfa


We stack our baled hay on gravel pads to keep away ground moisture in order to maintain optimum nutrition, freshness, flavor, aroma, and color. Once the hay is stacked in hay sheds or stack yards, it is tarped or stored under cover in order to prevent sun bleaching and protect it from the weather.

Since our partner in Round Lake Farms, Reber Ranch Inc. (www.reberranch.com), has been in the retail feed store business for 30 years and has run a 300-stall boarding stable; we know what consumers and horse enthusiasts desire in premium quality hay. They have grown their hay sales to over 3,000 tons of hay per year due to the high quality hay we supply to them.

We only use twine to tie our bales so you don’t have to worry about bits of wire ending up where it shouldn’t be.

With 4,000 acres of hay to choose from and GPS locators on our equipment, we can sort and classify our hay for the markets and users to which it is best suited. You receive accurate descriptions and the type, grade, and quality of hay that you expect.

Shipping Specs

We can load flat beds and curtain vans using a squeeze lift.

We have relationships with dedicated hay haulers all across the country and can arrange transportation on your behalf, or you can find your own transportation and refer them to us for scheduling.

We are near I-90 for easy East/West transportation. Our local roads are “all weather” so year round shipping is not a problem. Pass conditions may dictate travel time during snow season, depending on your destination.